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Our Mission:

To help 1 million kids live worry-free

We will make a donation to children’s hospitals equal to the number of purchases made during our #worryfreekids challenge.

How does it work?

Show us 3 pictures: one from the past, one from the present, and one from the future.

The past

In the past, life was boring and stressful.

The present

In the present, you are enjoying life. Post your picture with the hashtag #worryfreekids.

The future

For the future, challenge 3 friends to take the #worryfreekids challenge.

Show us your #worryfreekids fun photos for a chance to be featured on our website. And remember to
use #worryfreekids.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal and making the lives of 1 million children worry-free!

  • A little miracle

    Isabella was born with spina bifida occulta with tethered spine syndrome, which meant that her spinal cord was attached to a fat lump instead of being loose inside her spine. At 3 months old she underwent dangerous, corrective surgery.

    It saved her life!

    But her problems were not over....

  • The problem

    Her condition was progressive and after a few years Isabella started having problems with her bladder muscles. She needed to carry supplies such as wipes, spare underwear, and liners. It didn't take long before her school friends started noticing.

  • The challenge

    But what could they do to make carrying these necessary supplies more discreet? There was nothing on the market to meet her needs, so Isabella and her mother Teresa decided to find a solution. After testing several prototypes, Isabella had an idea!

  • The solution

    My Private Pocket was Isabella's tried and tested solution to carrying emergency supplies and back up underwear in a way that the other kids wouldn't know, allowing her to enjoy life like other children.

    Learn more about the story behind My Private Pocket

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